12 more reasons to start using drones on your construction site. 0 reasons not to

During the construction phase, drones have many current and potential uses.

1.  They help to track, display, showcase and communicate progress

2.  Track, measure (stockpiles) and manage materials and assets, prevent theft

3.  Improve owner and investor visibility

4.  Increase safety, compliance and loss management by having a birds eye view of what’s happening on site. The improved project site visibility allows owners to reduce theft and have documentation that can reduce potential litigation.

5.  Provide valuable information for changes needed in improving design

6.  Create a valuable documentation trail in case of problems and change orders.

7.  According to our clients – they also portray valuable historical evolution of the project – after all, your company and your projects are your legacy!

8. With drones large areas can be mapped at records speeds, dramatically cutting costs, time, and manpower that was required for aerial imagery before we had such easy access to the sky.

9. Inspections can also be performed in dangerous sections on a site, allowing companies to mitigate hazards even further. The increased safety serves those working on the site and the investors off site. Assuring the safety of workers and project managers and meeting industry standards for safety protocol help avoid the many risks that can delay or stop projects from even finishing.

10. Building and supporting client and investor relationship can also be improved with the use of drones. Photos of construction sites can be used to show clients the progress being made without the hassle of having them step foot on the job site. The 3D models offer an orbital view of a project that can be sent directly to their emails. The accessibility of data for investors and constructors can ease concerns over delays and budget costs.

11. When projects are completed investors can continue reaping benefits from aerial footage of construction. Drones can capture and create 3D models of the finished building, making perfect material for marketing.

12. Imagery and video of final products can also help property management and maintenance, as they’ll have access to visual data reflecting the as-built condition.

There you have it! After all these reasons it’s hard justifying NOT to use drones!

Drones are capable of showing clients progress, monitoring job sites, measuring stockpiles, inspecting structures, improving safety procedures, better keeping jobs on-track and on-budget. Some may consider exploring the route of owning the drones themselves but the benefits of partnering with established drone professionals is undoubtedly the most cost effective and reliable solution.

If you’re ready to show your commitment to innovation and want to begin using drones – let’s have a conversation.

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