Flying Ahead of The Plane: Why Drones Are The Future of Construction

Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly referred to as drones, have been used for a variety of purposes over the last century. Previously it was the work of satellites and planes to collect data from the sky, but such work is time-consuming, expensive, and inaccessible to most. One of our clients laughed when he reminisced on renting a plane and a pilot to survey his construction sites. The development and advances of drones have allowed for a world of high-resolution and data collection from the sky to explode. What was once reserved for military use is now accessible to many. The continued updates of equipment, accessories, and new cutting edge software are now taking the commercial market by storm.

Keeping Up with Technology

As technology advances in today’s world, it’s critical that businesses and markets stay up to date with the best and most effective practices for improving profits and mitigating risks in investment. Drones are proving to be technology’s newest solution for many construction companies, real estate developers, and their investors. The use of drones in commercial markets is dramatically improving speed and accuracy when it comes to building. Contracting drone services can cut costs while keeping jobs on-track and on budget. Understanding how drones can be used for construction and the benefits of partnering with drone professionals prove just how essential this new technology is to the development of infrastructure in our modern day world…

Drones can be, and often are, used like any regular camera; only they go up in the sky. However, the commercial use of drones goes far beyond being able to climb upwards and take photos. The robotics of drones allows cameras to revolve precisely around objects. Equipped with cameras, geo-location sensors, infrared sensors, and much more create detailed data that can then be imported into survey software to create photo-realistic digital 2D and 3D models. These models are exactly what construction management and real estate developers need to cut cost, limit delays on the project, and satisfy investors.

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-Gene, Chief Pilot @ DroneBoston