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Are You Aware of These 5 Benefits of Drones on Construction Sites?

From the very inception of projects, having access to reliable drone workflow can help in increasing bidding competitiveness by improving companies’ planning and surveying capabilities. Here are five more benefits of drones on your site:

  1. Being able to use drones to survey can support the iteration of designs and team engagement during bidding phases.
  2. Drones make what was a virtual context a visual reality. Once construction starts, the drones are used to monitor the project for site analysis, mapping and stockpile measurement. They create a far more efficient construction process than traditional surveying practices and provide greater detail and reliability.
  3. With drones small and large areas can be mapped at record speeds, dramatically cut costs, time, and manpower needed. The software we use stores, analyzes, and processes the aerial data in mere hours.
  4. Using the 2D and 3D models captured by the drone can allow for a whole site to be mapped and surveyed in high detail daily, weekly, or monthly. Thus, eliminating the need for costly ways of measurement updates, cutting the cost and time of manpower.
  5.  Drones’ ability to maneuver and reach in and around hard-to-access construction areas helps to prevent delays and stop problems before they wreak havoc on budgets. The topographic survey and construction progress photos taken by drones can be combined with CAD files to compare and guide construction from the views of the design to the picture of what’s been built so far. This kind of progress monitoring reshapes interaction between construction workers, project managers, and architects.

With drone surveying, resources can be used and moved efficiently and professionals can focus on delivering only the best work to investors. But to implement drones on your site on your own is not as easy as it seems.

It took us two years of work, trial and error to hone a polished workflow for our site surveying process, FAA and legal compliance, insurance, equipment maintenance, data management and operation excellence.

Instead of spinning up your own drone department – let us be your professional partner in the sky and be one of the first among your competitors to have a fully integrated drone operation.

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DroneBoston is an FAA licensed drone services provider in Massachusetts and beyond. We focus on serving the construction industry as it is our firm belief that drones will revolutionize progress monitoring and bring huge value to construction industry.  Contact us and let’s start the conversation about your project.



orthomosaic drone map